Outdoor Spring Home Maintenance Tips

The weather is starting to turn and spring is upon us FINALLY. Its time to put the snow shovel and snow blower in storage get outside and take a look at how winter treated your home. On top of the inspection list is your roof and chimney. You don’t have to climb up there and check every inch, but you should walk around and to see if you view any problem areas. While walking around; other areas to keep an eye on are sagging or clogged gutters, broken or cracked siding, foundation cracks, low run off areas for down spouts, leaky exterior faucets, debris in the air conditioner and leaks/gaps around windows. Look for anything else out of the ordinary and be sure to keep a list of to do’s. If you are a DIY’er and feel comfortable tackling these projects more power to you. If you don’t feel up to it or don’t have the time there are plenty of local roofers, handyman services and air conditioner maintenance services that can be hired.  Make sure you look for those that offer spring discounts. 

Once you get through the first checklist and you are motivated to keep going with all your spring maintenance here are more items you can embark upon. Check the driveway and cement walkways for any uneven or cracked areas. Fill those in or call a professional for help. Look around your yard and garden for tree limbs that are dead or to need trimming. By cutting or trimming these it will make your yard look cleaner and also prevent future issues from falling branches or trees. In your garage get those motorized lawn machines out and make sure they have new gas, oil changed and in working order to start out a new season. Also, storing gas and oil in the correct containers while putting in a place that allows proper airflow and away from children.  

These are just a few areas of outdoor spring maintenance. The biggest thing is being proactive with preventative measures to avoid big repairs and save on utility bills. This is time of year that we have been waiting for to get back outside. Enjoy that time and plan your projects wisely to save you a hassle and money in the future. 

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